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The Murray Bank Donates $32,800 Through Spirit Card Program

The Murray Bank Donates $32,800 Through Spirit Card Program

 During a special presentation between games at the Crosstown Classic, The Murray Bank proudly presented each school superintendent with a donation in the amount of $16,400. These donations were made on behalf of all The Murray Bank Spirit Debit Card holders.

“At The Murray Bank, we are committed to making a meaningful and positive contribution to the individuals, families, businesses and schools within our community,” said Tim Stark, Vice-President of Marketing at The Murray Bank. “Our community loves to show their school spirit and we are happy to give them a way to do it. This year’s donation is the second largest in Spirit Card history!”

With this year’s donation, The Murray Bank Spirit Debit Card donation totals over $248,000, with over $124,000 going to each school since 2009 when the program started.

“On behalf of the stakeholders in the Murray Independent School District, I wish to express my gratitude to The Murray Bank for funds provided to our respective schools through their Spirit Card’s,” said Coy Sammons, Murray Independent School District Superintendent. “Financial assistance from community organizations and businesses, enable this school district to accomplish far more than it otherwise could have.”

“In these increasingly difficult financial times for Kentucky Schools, The Murray Bank Spirit Card donations allow Calloway County Schools to continue offering students both extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities that would not be possible without this great partnership,” said Tres Settle, Calloway County School District Superintendent. “We are indeed blessed to have the support of The Murray Bank and remain honored by the investment that The Murray Bank customers and leadership continue to make in the children of this great community.”

The Murray Bank offers two Spirit Debit Cards, a Laker card and a Tiger card. Each Spirit Card features the logo of the school of choice on the face of the card. Customers of The Murray Bank can choose which school themed card they would like to carry and with each swipe of their Spirit Debit Card, The Murray Bank will make a donation directly to the school districts.

To get more information on how you can get a Spirit Debit Card and start helping your school, contact one of the Customer Service Representatives at The Murray Bank by calling (270) 753-5625, or by stopping by one of their three offices.