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CCHS Sophomore Amber Wu Scores Perfect 36 on ACT Test

CCHS Sophomore Amber Wu Scores Perfect 36 on ACT Test

Calloway County High School sophomore Amber Wu recently scored a perfect 36 composite score on The ACT Test. The ACT Test is a nationwide college entrance test given to college-bound high school students. One quarter of one percent of test takers achieve this incredible score on The ACT Test.

The test is normally reserved for juniors and seniors, but Wu took the test in hopes of being accepted into The Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University for her junior and senior years of high school. 

“I kind of wanted to get it over with the first time, and I knew I wouldn’t be happy with something other than a 36,” said Wu, who used Princeton Review textbooks this summer to help prepare for the exam.

Wu, 15, will have plenty of options for college and career in the future. She says her “dream school” is Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA, but the school is still very expensive. For her career, right now she is interested in aero-physics and hopes to one day work for NASA.

Wu credits her parents for contributing to her academic success, but her natural gifts are equally matched by her work ethic. Wu said during the pandemic, she would study math at home for 3-4 hours each day. Her mother is an English professor at Murray State, and her father has a Doctorate in computer science and is also talented in physics.

“It’s really nice to have both of those influences in my life,” said Wu about her talented parents.

Wu took Honors Algebra 2 at CCHS while she was in middle school and took Pre-Calculus as a freshman. After a placement exam at Murray State, she enrolled in Calculus 2 at MSU for dual credit at CCHS.

“I’m really grateful that [CCHS] let me go so far,” she said.

Wu has been an all-star on academic teams in her time at Calloway. She was a standout on the CCHS team her freshman year and finished first in Kentucky in math her eighth grade year at CCMS.

In addition to the academic team, Wu also participates in the speech team, Future Business Leaders of America, Beta Club, and tennis. She also hopes to start a math club at CCHS. 

Wu also has an interest in the arts as a member of the CCHS art club. She plans to apply for the Governor’s School for the Arts for the summer of 2024.