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CCHS Academic Team Runners Up in President's Cup

CCHS Academic Team Runners Up in President's Cup

Calloway County High School Academic Team earned runners up recognition at the 2023 President's Cup tournament held at MSU-Paducah campus on Friday, January 13th, 2023.

Calloway A (Varsity) earned 2nd place in Quick Recall and 2nd place overall, while Calloway B (Junior Varsity) earned 4th place in Quick Recall and 3rd place overall. 

Calloway A Quick Recall had a strong day on the buzzers, defeating Mayfield B (39-3), Ballard (33-2), Graves (30-20), Marshall A (37-8), and Murray High (36-5) before taking their only loss of the day to champions McCracken County  (17-24).  Seniors Isaac Martin, Ethan Cain, Ellie Whisman, and Cesar Villeda were assisted by Taylor Frantz and Ezra Foote.

Calloway B Quick Recall fared very well with two separate wins over Graves (32-13) and (25-20) and a defeat over Crittenden B, taking their only losses to McCracken (16-32) and Murray High (19-23). Nathaniel Fowler, Amber Wu, Aubrey Naber, Kaylee Tharp, Addi Pervine, Tommy Gomez, and Brayan Ventura led the Calloway B squad. 

The Laker Academic team had several students earn top 10 recognition in President's Cup written testing:



Amber Wu 3rd (tie)

Drake Calhoon 3rd (tie)



Isaac Martin 2nd

Ethan Cain 3rd (tie)

Connor Pile 3rd (tie)

Elizabeth Lanier 10th


Social Studies

Cesar Villeda 1st

Grant Todd 5th

Ezra Foote 7th (tie)

Levi Dunnaway 7th (tie)


Arts & Humanities

Connor Pile 2nd

Ellie Whisman 4th

Addi Pervine 8th

Nathaniel Fowler 9th


Language Arts

Ellie Whisman 3rd

Kaylee Tharp 5th

Aubrey Naber 7th

Amber Wu 9th


Pictured L to R

Front: Nathaniel Fowler, Ellie Whisman

Middle row: Aubrey Naber, Brayan Ventura, Amber Wu, Kaylee Tharp, Addi Pervine, Taylor Frantz

Back row: Ezra Foote, Ethan Cain, Cesar Villeda, Isaac Martin, Tommy Gomez


The Lakers are coached by Erica Gray, Lane Springer, Margaret Richter, Dan Thompson, Cassidy McAllister, and Jayden Morris.