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Winter Weather Procedures

With the winter season comes questions about what to expect regarding school operations in the event of inclement weather.

Expect to attend school on time for each of the scheduled days on the CCSD calendar. If there is a decision to alter the school schedule – by either canceling the school day or offering a delay to the start of the school day – an announcement will be posted on several CCSD communications channels and the local media to include WPSD Snowman6 and Froggy 103.7. As soon as the decision is made, announcements will be posted on the front page of the CCSD Website, Twitter at @CallowaySchools and on the official CCSD Facebook page.

Families will also receive a call and email notifying them of the decision utilizing the contact information in Infinite Campus.

If you have not heard any information, then proceed with the understanding that school is following the set schedule at the normal starting and ending times.

While weather can be predicted hours or days ahead of time, and the forecast is one factor that is weighed by district personnel, weather can also be spontaneous and generate unexpected emergency situations resulting in the need to alter the school calendar. The decision to alter the calendar is based on what conditions exist at any given time in neighborhoods, rural county bus routes, and main thoroughfares. In large counties like Calloway, weather conditions may also impact isolated areas. The safety of ALL students is the most important factor in the decision-making process.