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School Safety


  • All schools develop a safety plan and revisit/revise the plan each school year.
  • All schools participate in regular fire, lockdown, severe weather, and earthquake drills.
  • All faculty and staff complete an annual active shooter training.
  • Anonymous tip line available on each school website


  • Resource officers at East, North, Southwest, CCMS, and CCHS
  • Surveillance cameras in schools and on school buses
  • K9 Resources perform random checks on bags and lockers


  • All visitors are required to show a photo ID and state their purpose for the visit.
  • All exterior doors are locked or controlled at all times.
  • All classroom doors are closed and locked during instruction.
  • OpenGate technology screens students when entering the school

OpenGate Technology:

  • Non-intrusive screeners for students
  • Fast and automatic