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Mrs. Barrett's Classroom   

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Daily Schedule
I will be in my classroom each day beginning at 7:15 when classes are in person. When on NTI days, I will be in my classroom each day beginning at 8:00. 



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 

Time Period/Class Number Minutes Per Class
7:55 - 8:45 1st Period: English I 50
8:50 - 9:39 2nd Period: English I 49
9:44 - 11:14 3rd Period: English I 90
11:19-1:15 Lunches/4th Period Planning  91
1:20 - 2:10  5th Period: English I 50
2:15 - 3:05 6th Period: English I 50
3:05 Bus Bell   
  Car Bell  
Time Period/Class Number Minutes Per Class
7:55 - 8:41 1st Period: English I 46
8:46 - 9:32 2nd Period: English I 46
9:37 - 10:49 3rd Period: English I 72
10:54 - 11:38 CCR 44
11:38 - 1:23 Lunches/4th Period Planning 75
1:28 - 2:14 5th Period: English I 46
2:19 - 3:05 6th Period: English I 46



A self-defined learner for life, I embrace change earlier than most. With a strong drive to engage learners that leaves me dissatisfied with the status quo, I frequently find myself searching for new, innovative methods to engage and challenge students while developing both content and 21st century knowledge. In my classroom, instilling a growth mindset is a necessity; thus, I encourage students to LAKER up:

LEARN to advocate for self

ALWAYS shift strategies when needed

KEEP up with goals and seek individual challenges

ENCOURAGE one another

RESPOND appropriately to set backs

Together, we work hard to support one another, create a classroom "team" that is both challenging and rewarding, and pursue learning at the highest levels.

There is an old saying around our district, one I have been proud to quote for years, "It's a great day to be a Laker."  Now, I also add to the saying, "Let's L.A.K.E.R. Up!"


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