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NTI Day 15-Thursday, April 16th 2020

Good morning!


On a regular day, we would be getting here, eating breakfast (if you eat here at school), putting stuff in our lockers, and getting ready for the day!  I'm being "observed" today, so I've cc'd Mr. King on our Daily Email as part of our "instruction".  


Play "I'm Gonna Walk 500 Miles" to get that blood going!


Our morning talk....


Today is Thursday, April 16th 2020


This is how we write it on our papers......




And then talk through what we had planned for the day......


Period 1-Math
No packet for today.  
Just do 20 minutes on Moby Max
Period 2-English
Words or Phrases in Poem or Story
Work Folder
20 minutes Moby Max Language
Period 3-Plan/Electives
ZT, HE, TM, CP-Greenhouse
Water any house plants; help
with landscaping/yard work
Walk as long as possible; 
some friends walk for 30 minutes
then come back for a break. 
Period 4-Lunch/Science/WP
Prep for Lunch: 10:55
Leave for Lunch: 11:00
Lunch 11:09-11:35
Break: 11:35-11:55
Science (Classroom)
20 minutes on Moby Max
Workplace Principles @ Sites
Help with jobs around the house 
Mail/Laundry/Life Skills
Help with checking mail & laundry
Period 5 & 6-CBI
20 minutes Moby Max Social Studies
After CBI-Social/Life Skills:


AND THE END OF THE DAY.....we usually played "Don't Stop Believin' " while we get bags and stuff ready to go home......start the day dancing and singing and end the day dancing and singing!



My schedule today:


7:30-3:30 @ home and available online




  • Need some ideas/thoughts...see the attached tips/recommendations for working at home and implementing specially designed instruction (SDI)
  • Mr. King emailed the following yesterday, but I wanted to share as well......
    • Paper Packet drop-off will happen at the same time we have pick-up dates.  Those dates and times are listed below:
    • NTI Days 17-26 Packet Pick-up Dates will be:
      • Friday, April 17, 2020 – 9:00am to 3:00pm
      • Monday, April 20, 2020 – Noon to 6:00pm
    • Note: To drop-off or pick-up packets, students and/or parents will need to drive through the bus lane in the front of the school. Please stay in your car and someone will come to your car and assist you.
  • NTI Days have been extended through Friday, May 1st.  As of now, Calloway County Schools plan to open on Monday, May 4th.  Details and updates to come!
  • Check out our classroom website-
  • Stressing about the paper packets or Social Studies on Moby Max?  Don't worry, you're not the only one!  With that said, here are some thoughts...........
    • It doesn't have to be right/correct.  
    • Make a good faith effort.  We do the paper packets in a small group setting and can use others to spur the conversation/discussion/lesson along at don't have that luxury!  
    • As I've talked to folks, I've encouraged them to try the paper packet; focus more on Moby Max; and yes, Social Studies is currently on the Byzantine Empire, but you'll eventually work through that unit.  
    • Expect changes if we don't return on 4/20 and have to continue instruction past 4/20.  They are encouraging us to focus on more online instruction.  
  • BE SURE TO ATTEMPT/DO THE PAPER PACKET AND 20 MINUTES IN MATH, LANGUAGE, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES, AND SIGHT WORDS ON MOBY MAX.  GRADES ARE GIVEN BASED ON PARTICIPATION. has been informing visitors about topics such as Adapted Mind, 3rd Grade Math Help and 4th Grade Math Games. Join thousands of satisfied visitors who discovered 2nd Grade Math Worksheets, Printable Worksheets and Math Worksheets.This domain may be for sale!

Math Centers that Deliver |

While you teach small groups, Happy Numbers serves as an independent math center, providing individualized instruction for the rest of the class.

  • No meal delivery or pick-up this week as a CCSD cafeteria worker tested postive for COVID-19.  Meals will resume on Wednesday, April 22nd.  Look for an email for more details.  
  • SEND PICTURES!  Send pictures of them doing their NTI work and I'll post them on the class website so we can see each other through pictures!
  • Some websites Vicky found that could be fun/extra stuff to do:    


I miss your kids and hope to see them sooner than later!