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NTI Day 4-March 25th 2020

Good morning Lakers & Ships!


Give me til 8:30 to check Moby Max.  I've had a few message that their dashboard was showing no subjects.  I'm going in student by student to check what I've hidden and what I've left available.  Meant to just show the five subjects you're supposed to work in and some have said the dashboard is empty.  


I'll email when it's okay to resume work in Moby Max.  


With that said.......

On a regular day, we would be getting here, eating breakfast (if you eat here at school), putting stuff in our lockers, and getting ready for the day!  


Play "I'm Gonna Walk 500 Miles" to get that blood going!


Our morning talk....


Today is Wednesday, March 25th 2020


This is how we write it on our papers......




And then talk through what we had planned for the day......


Period 1-Math
Shapes & Properties
Lesson 8
Post test
20 minutes of Moby Max Math
Period 2-English
Figurative Language
Post Test
Don't Correct
20 minutes of Moby Max Language
Period 3-Plan/Electives
ZT, HE, TM, CP-Greenhouse
Water any house plants; help
with landscaping/yard work
Walk as long as possible; 
some friends walk for 30 minutes
then come back for a break. 
Period 4-Lunch/Science/WP
Prep for Lunch: 10:55
Leave for Lunch: 11:00
Lunch 11:09-11:35
Activity with Ms. Pam-11:35-11:55
Soft Skills-Synopsis/Lesson #3
Science (Classroom)
20 minutes on Moby Max
Workplace Principles @ Sites
Help with jobs around the house 
Mail/Laundry/Life Skills
Help with checking mail & laundry
Period 5 & 6-CBI
Well, as much as I love CBI and what we do each day, it would probably go against the purpose of closing school for two weeks to encourage you to do CBI on your own!  Enjoy the time with your kid!
After CBI-Social/Life Skills:
20 minutes on Moby Max Social Studies


AND THE END OF THE DAY.....we usually played "Don't Stop Believin' " while we get bags and stuff ready to go home......start the day dancing and singing and end the day dancing and singing!



My schedule this week:



@ home 7:30 to 8:30 

Delivering meals 8:30-12:30

@ home 12:30 to 3:30  



@ home 7:30 to 3:30 



@ home 7:30 to 8:30 

Delivering meals 8:30-12:30

@ home 12:30 to 3:30  


Look for information later this week on returning packets and picking up the next two weeks packet.  


AND SEND PICTURES!  Send pictures of them doing their NTI work and I'll post them on the class website so we can see each other through pictures!


I miss your kids and hope to see them sooner than later!