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Primary Talent Pool

Calloway County School District

Primary Talent Pool


The Primary Talent Pool is a group of students who possess demonstrated or potential ability to perform at exceptionally high levels in the primary years (K-3).  These students may be referred to as high potential learners, and they may exhibit a high potential in math, language arts, science, social studies, general intellect, leadership, creative thinking, visual art, dance, drama or music The purpose of selecting students to participate in a Primary Talent Pool is to provide early enrichment for those students whose talents must be nurtured in order for those talents to fully develop.  These students are not automatically identified as gifted once they reach the fourth grade.  They must be formally identified by meeting certain criteria.


Informal assessment measures are used to provide evidence that students should participate in the Primary Talent Pool.  Three pieces of evidence are required and may be gathered from a teacher, a parent, or a community member.  A school committee reviews the evidence to determine if a primary student is a high potential learner and should be included in the Primary Talent Pool.


Students placed in the talent pool should receive differentiated services that are matched to their needs, interests, and abilities.  Some students may be cluster grouped in the area of highest potential and served by a regular classroom teacher who compacts the curriculum.  Services shall allow for continuous progress including, but not limited to, resource services, acceleration options, grade acceleration, and flexible grouping in the classroom.


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