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Gifted and Talented Students

District Provides

The District shall formally identify students in grades four through twelve (4-12) for participation in the District's Gifted and Talented program. Students in the primary program (P1-P4) who display gifted or talented characteristics shall be selected through an informal process, be placed in a talent pool and receive services that allow continuous progress.

In compliance with applicable statutes and administrative regulations, the District shall provide appropriate multiple service options in an environment that addresses the abilities, interests and needs of students eligible for services in one (1) or more of the following categories: general intellectual aptitude; specific academic aptitude; creative or divergent thinking; psychosocial or leadership skills; and visual or performing arts.

The definitions specified in 704 KAR 003:285 shall be used in the operation of the District's programs for gifted and talented students.

Identification/Diagnosis and Eligibility

In compliance with 704 KAR 003:285, the Superintendent/designee shall develop strategies to address identification and diagnosis of the strengths, behaviors and talents of these students. Determination of eligibility for gifted and talented services shall be based on the student's individual needs, interests and abilities and shall be designed to address environmental and cultural factors that may contribute to the student being overlooked, such as whether the student is economically disadvantaged or underachieving, is a member of a racial or ethnic minority or has a disability.

The District's plan for identifying gifted and talented students shall:

1.      Employ a multi-faceted approach and utilize on-going and long-term assessment;

2.      Be based on a variety of valid and reliable measures to include both informal and formal techniques and other data specific to each category of giftedness, consistent with standards established by Kentucky Administrative Regulation;

3.      Screen students for all areas of giftedness as defined by KRS 157.200.

Based on data gathered by the Gifted/Talented Coordinator or gifted education teacher, a selection/placement committee shall determine those students who are eligible for gifted education services and the level of the services to be provided. In non-SBDM schools this committee shall consist of the Principal or designee, the Gifted/Talented Coordinator and/or the gifted education teacher, classroom teacher(s), teacher(s) of students with disabilities, counselor(s), and consulting professional(s), as appropriate.

Prior to selection or formal identification and placement of a student, the District shall obtain parental or guardian permission before administering an individual test to the student given as a follow-up to a test routinely administered to all students and used in formal identification. If it is determined that their child is eligible for gifted education services, parents/guardians also shall be notified, at least once annually, of the services included in the gifted and talented student services plan and shall receive a copy of the procedures to be followed should they wish to appeal the appropriateness of services.


Gifted and talented students shall be provided with a student services plan that meets requirements set out in administrative regulation.

Each school shall adjust its curriculum to meet the needs of gifted and talented students. Gifted and talented students shall be served in a manner that:

1.      Extends learning beyond the standard curriculum;

2.      Provides flexible curricular experiences commensurate with the student's interests, needs and abilities; and

3.      Helps the student to attain, to a high degree, the goals established by statute and the Board.

Procedures and strategies to implement this policy shall identify the following:

  • A variety of appropriate options for grouping by ability, interest and/or need,
  • Multiple service options reflecting continuous progress through a logical sequence of learning,
  • Means of obtaining parental input for use in determining appropriate services,
  • A gifted and talented student services plan format that provides for matching a formally identified gifted student's interests, needs, and abilities to differentiated service options, and
  • A plan for reporting to parents, at least once each semester, regarding their child's progress in services included in the student's services plan.

Neither the primary program, nor any grade level shall be served by only one (1) gifted education service option.


The Superintendent shall appoint a Gifted/Talented Coordinator who shall oversee the operation of the District's Gifted and Talented program and assist schools in implementing the provisions of this policy. The Gifted/Talented Coordinator shall oversee the expenditure of funds for gifted education to ensure they are used to provide direct services to identified students.

Teachers of gifted and talented students shall meet requirements for certificate endorsement as established in Kentucky Administrative Regulation. Through professional development activities, all teachers shall receive training on identifying and working with gifted and talented students.

Program Evaluation

The Gifted/Talented Coordinator shall coordinate the annual, on-going process of evaluating all aspects of the gifted education program and make recommendations for upgrading those areas found to be deficient. Data collected in the annual evaluation shall be used in the comprehensive improvement planning process, and results of the evaluation shall be presented to the council in SBDM schools for review of instructional progress and to the Board who shall determine if District goals are being accomplished.


Students or parents who wish to file a grievance or appeal concerning the following areas may do so under the process outlined in administrative procedures:

1.The District's process for selecting students for talent pool services;

2.The District's process for formal identification of gifted and talented students; or

3.The appropriateness and/or adequacy of talent pool services or services addressed in a formally identified student services plan.

This policy and the procedures to implement it shall be made available for public inspection.


KRS 157.196KRS 157.200KRS 157.224

KRS 157.230KRS 158.6451KRS 161.052KRS 161.095

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704 KAR 003:285

P. L. 114-95, (Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015)

A Framework to Provide Successful Learning Opportunities for Gifted and Talented Students, Kentucky Department of Education

Related Policy:

09.126 (re requirements/exceptions for students from military families)

Adopted/Amended: 11/14/2002

STUDENTS                                                                                      09.4281



Any student who wishes to express an educational concern or grievance shall observe the following order of appeal:

1.      Teacher;

2.      Principal;

3.      School council, where appropriate;

4.      Superintendent;

5.      Board.

The order of appeal shall not be construed to mean that students are not free to confer with the Superintendent or Board whenever they so wish. However, if the grievance concerns discipline of an individual student, the Board may, on a case-by-case basis, determine if it will hear the grievance based on whether the facts presented in the written grievance fall within its discretion or authority. If there is a question as to whether the grievance is within the Board’s discretion or authority, the Board will consult with legal counsel.


Grievance procedures shall address, but not be limited to, the conditions for filing a grievance, time limitations for the filing and the appeal of a grievance, and a process for the orderly review and appeal of each individual grievance.


Harassment/Discrimination allegations shall be governed by Policy 09.42811.

Federal law requires the District to implement separate and specific processes for responding to complaints/grievances about Title I programs and to those alleging discrimination in the delivery of benefits or services in the District’s school nutrition program.

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Adopted/Amended: 08/12/2010

Order #:         16