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GT Criteria

Calloway County School District Gifted and Talented Program

Criteria for the Identification of Gifted and Talented Students


A student may be formally identified as gifted and/or talented in grades 4-12 in one or more of the areas listed below.  Identification requires three pieces of evidence from one of the categories including a committee recommendation. A student may qualify in more than one category provided there are three pieces of evidence and a committee recommendation for each category. Academic areas must include a qualifying test score or a documented special consideration.


General Intellectual

  • Composite scores of 96th percentile or above on full scale comprehensive tests of intellectual ability
  • Teacher/Parent/Other recommendations
  • Checklist of inventories of behavior specific to general intellect
  • Anecdotal records/Continuous progress data
  • Committee recommendation for General Intellect

Specific Academic Aptitude in Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies

  • Consistent NWEA MAP scores of 96% or above in Language Arts, Math, or Science
  • Consistent norm-referenced test scores of 96% or above in Science or Social Studies
  • Teacher/Parent/Other recommendations
  • Anecdotal records/Continuous progress data in academic area
  • Checklist of inventories of behavior specific to academic area
  • Committee recommendation for Specific Academic Area


  • Leadership roles/positions in classroom, school, team or community
  • Teacher/Parent/Other recommendations
  • Anecdotal records
  • Checklist of behaviors specific to leadership
  • Peer leadership survey
  • Committee recommendation for Leadership identification

Creative or Divergent Thinking

  • Portfolio of creative work
  • Checklist inventories of behaviors specific to creative/divergent thinking
  • Teacher/Parent/Other recommendations
  • Anecdotal records
  • Committee recommendation for Creative/Divergent Thinking

Visual or Performing Arts – Dance, Drama, Music, Art

  • Visual/Performing Arts self-assessment
  • Portfolio of student work
  • Teacher/Parent/Other recommendations
  • Checklist inventories of behaviors specific to visual and performing arts
  • Competitions/Honors/Awards/Performances
  • Anecdotal records
  • Committee recommendation for Visual or Performing Arts