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Director of Technology: Stephen Conner

Calloway County Board of Education

2110 College Farm Road

Murray, KY 42071

Phone: 270-762-7300 ext. 0107



Dell Product Discounts:

The state negotiated with the vendors to lower their prices so that we could get the most from this state money. The vendors lowered their prices – up to 50% off retail and around 25% of the prices schools were paying. Part of this initiative was to also allow students, teachers and staff to purchase from our vendors. This has happened! Below is the information about each of the vendors and how students/parents, faculty and staff can purchase from these vendors. Any questions need to go to the vendors and not your school.

The KETS contract, for IDUs (Instructional Device Upgrade), has been released for Students, Staff, and Teachers to purchase from. The link or contact information to purchase from each vendor is:

Note: For most computer uses, the standard configuration of the IDU (Pre-selected processor, 1GB of RAM, 80gb HDD; Pre-selected Video Card and Sound Card) will work. You can upgrade any of these items within the web site. You can also, purchase any of the other workstations; for example the KETS Level 1(Dell site). Also, it is recommended that Microsoft Office be purchased at the time of the order.

Dell IDU Pricing web site:   member number: KS29262170

HP For questions and Information, contact:

Justin Meeks (800) 277-8988 ext. 7717096; email –


Student/Staff purchases - contact vendor for order information and requirements for proof of enrollment/employment.


Microsoft Software at Educational Discount

Staff and Faculty can purchase software at a HUGE discount.  Contact Tim Lillard for details. 

Students:   All students who have a school email account can access a FREE online version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in their webmail account.