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Family Resource Center

Family Resource and Youth Service Centers 

FRYSC Status Report (25 Years)

Michelle Hansen

Michelle Hansen: Coordinator 
Family Resource Center

Our Services and Activities

There are four Family Resource and Youth Centers (FRYSC) in the Calloway County School District. The purpose of the centers is to work with the schools and other agencies to ensure that all students have an opportunity to learn. The centers seek to identify unmet needs affecting the children and families in Calloway County, mobilize all available resources to meet these needs, and provide leadership in planning needed programs.

All four of the Calloway County FRYSC Coordinators are leaders in a nationally recognized community collaborative partnership entitled CUBS, which stands for Calloway United Benevolent Services.

The Family Resource Center is available to any family with children up to age 12 in the Calloway County District. We encourage families to participate in the various activities held throughout the year. 


Emergency / Crisis Aid


Substance Abuse Prevention

Community Referrals


Educational Services for Parents

Nutritional Information


Stress Management

Health Services Referrals


Child Care Referrals

Angel Clinic Referrals


Transportation Assistance

Some Financial Assistance


Lice Prevention



Volunteer Program


Make a Difference Days

Santa Project


Dr. Seuss's Birthday Celebration

World's Largest Baby Shower


Hooked on Fishing, Not Drugs

Back to School Blast


Summer Fun Days

Summer meals program


Lending Library

Character Counts


TV Turn Off Week