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Speech Team

Last Updated: 9/17/2019 7:05 PM

Speech Team

Coach: Jennifer Dunnaway / Assistant Coach: Scott Bonneau


Please consider this your invitation to participate in the 2019-2020 Speech Team!  The Speech Team will not be having traditional auditions to determine members of the team this year.  Instead, we are inviting all students who are interested in participating to come to practice in the months of September-November.  This will allow students plenty of time to learn about all of the events they can participate in.  We will work with students to select a script/event for competition and will help them prepare for their first tournament on November 23rd.  Students who are not prepared to compete by November 23rd can be cut from the team.

The tentative tournament schedule is as follows: 

November 23rd - CCMS Scrimmage
December 7th - Bardstown
December 14th - CCMS (hosting)

January 11th - Murray
January 18th - TBD
January 25th - Lakewood

February 1st - Regionals (Murray)

March 5-7 - State (UK)

***For regionals and state we will need to limit the team to the top three competitors in each event.***


The first speech team meeting will be held after school on Tuesday, September 10th in the media center until 4:30.  Practice will begin the following week.  We will attempt to rotate practice days each week so that students who participate in other extra-curricular activities can still come to speech practice.  


These are the expectations for members of the speech team.  Students who do not meet expectations can be suspended or removed from the team:  


  • As representatives of the team, students will be well behaved at school and will follow the LAKER code. (Learn to cooperate, act responsibly, keep it positive, expect to succeed, respect other people.) Students with behavior issues can be suspended/dismissed at coach discretion.
  • Students will have all passing grades (No F’s) on progress reports and nine-weeks grade reports.  
  • Students will be expected to be on-task at practice and to follow directions given by coaches.
  • Students will be expected to practice at home to prepare for practice.  Most events require memorization which will need to be done outside of practice.  Coaches will expect to see progress and evidence that students are working on their performance outside of practice time.  
  • Students will be expected to give and receive appropriate feedback between their peers.  
  • As teammates, students will create a positive and productive environment at practice and outside of practice.  Students will treat each other with respect and kindness.  Issues between teammates will be addressed to coaches so that they can be dealt with discreetly and appropriately.  
  • Speech practice ends at 4:30.  Students should be picked up no later than 4:45.